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Why cruise? It's the no-hassle way to experience exotic and culturally enriching destinations. Pack and unpack only once. The price of your ticket includes all of your meals, your stateroom, and entertainment. Be active ashore or onboard ship. Or take it easy and be pampered. The right cruise ship is a floating resort.

Can you book a cruise online? Of course. But you won't get the expert advice about which destination and which ship will turn your floating holiday into a dream vacation. Pretty pictures can make anything look good. Bonnie Sherman can help you sort misleading pictures and loss-leader pricing into the real deal—the right vacation for you.

And what about upgraded cabins and special amenities? Through Virtuoso and Protravel International, Bonnie has access to lots of special deals and great amenities that not only offer savings but great value.

Silversea ship on the Amazon
Seabourn Odyssey in Venice