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Are your bags better traveled than you? Do you know someone who paid tens of thousands of dollars for a medical evacuation? What if your parents were hospitalized? Have you had your wallet, passport and money stolen? Investigate travel insurance protection.

BEFORE YOU BUY: What coverage do you already have through your homeowner, car, and health insurance policies? Are you covered abroad or only within the United States? What coverage is provided by your credit card company? Is your coverage primary or secondary (requiring that you submit to your own insurance first)? Are there fine-print disclaimers for medical evacuation?

MEDICAL EVACUATION: Medical evacuations can cost as much as $50,000 to $100,000. Some policies cover evacuation to the nearest hospital with acceptable care, but not to your home town hospital. We recommend a MedJet Assist annual membership program that flies you to the hospital of your choice if you are hospitalized anywhere in the world more than 150 miles from home. Read a USA Today article (PDF 48K) on this topic.

TRIP CANCELLATION, DELAY, MEDICAL EXPENSE, FLIGHT COVERAGE: We recommend Allianz or TravelEx Insurance. Pick and choose from trip cancellation, trip delay, medical expense, medical evacuation (ask about fine-print disclaimers), and flight accident coverage. Find the appropriate plan and amount of coverage for your personal situation.

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